alive Starch Powder/ Liquid Starch

Starch Powder/Liquid Starch & Liquid Stiffener

alive® Liquid Starch


Easily soluble in cold water. It can be used for Stiffening Cotton silk, Polyester etc. without any white patches on dark coloured clothes.

alive® Instant Starch Powder


Easy to use as it dissolves instantly in cold water.

alive® Hot Starch


Application in Hot water gives extra stiffness for both coloured and white clothes.

alive® Khadi Whitener Starch


Application in hot water. For white fabrics, extra stiffness along with brightening and whitening effect simultaneously.

alive® Silk Starch


Specially formulated for silk sarees, which imparts polishing effect on silk garments.

alive® Hypo Magic Bleach


Is an efficient, concentrated textile grade low temperature bleach – Dilution Preferred – 1:15

Packing Details – 100gm to 50kg