alive Laundry care Products


alive Nano Plus, Premium Det


Supreme Detergent powder with colour safe bleach formula activates even at low temperature. One shot premium detergent + triple active blend of Oxy + Enzyme + Polymer. It is well balanced with alkaline builders and Antibacterial additives.

alive Oxy Det Power


Formulation for commercial and hospital laundries. It is the balanced mix of Det + Boost + O2 + Enzymes + Antibacterial Agents + Water Softener + Emulsifier + Brightener.

alive Laundry White Heavy duty det


Specially formulated for white clothes. Maintains the brightness with the international ISO Brightness R457-90 level. No need of adding extra chlorine bleach. It is the blend of Det + Boost + O2 + Enzymes + Polymer + Tri chlore + Anti bacterial Agents + Brightener. Proper prewashing emulsifier is blended in the detergent.

alive Liquid Detergent Excell


Powerful to act on heavier solid stains.

aliveŽ Bio Emulsifier 300S


Additive for effective removal of fats, soil, oil, greases, Kitchen Stains from all types of fabrics. It improves the wetting property.

aliveŽ Bio Emulsifier 100s


Cost effective emulsifier.

aliveŽ Stain Remover (Bio plus Scour)


Effective as spot and as stain remover by Wet/Hot treatment on all type of fabrics. Especially for removing massaging oil from the Ayurvedic massage centre. Removes stains formed by Hand wash gel.

aliveŽ Blue Liquid /Powder


A concentrate to be diluted to get best results than any standard bluing agent. This has an industrial application too.

aliveŽ Kodi Colour Powder/Liquid


Provide fresh kodicolour. Specially prepared for set sarees, Kodimundu etc…

aliveŽ Liquid Stiff Easy


Imparts Extra Stiffness to clothes easy to use. No patches on dark coloured clothes.

aliveŽ Massage Oil Remover


Specially formulated product with high performance emulsifying property performs well in the Ayurvedic Massage Centre to remove massage oil stains and removes foul smell on clothes.

aliveŽ Bio Bright Oxy 400


Strong colour safe bleaching agent to use on all cottons. Polyesters and blends there of which provide clean and bright look to the fabric.

aliveŽ Anti Scale


Removes the alkaline scales formed in the inner sides of the washing machine.

aliveŽ Colour Guard


A concentrated colour protection agent for all types of clothes.

aliveŽ Bio Silk Shampoo


Specially formulated for washing silk sarees.

aliveŽ Silk Saree Wash


This is a vegetable soap nut powder. Natural product prepared from soap nut blended with other natural cleaners.

aliveŽ Silk Eco Wash


This is a 100% natural and eco friendly pH neutral paste can be treated as an alternative to Dry Cleaning with white Petrol or Per Chloro Ethylene.

aliveŽ Liquid Soap Oil


An alkaline liquid soap having extra property to wash clothes.

aliveŽ Neutra


alive neutra is an effective combined sour antichlor product to use in the last rinse to the wash process. It will neutralize any residual sodium hypochlorite present in the last rinse.

aliveŽ Silk Starch & Polish


An advanced product for giving starch with polish effect.

aliveŽ silk polish


A special product developed meant for polishing silk sarees.