alive Kitchen Hygienic products

Kitchen Hygienic products

alive Air Freshener


A formulated blend of emulsifier and floral fragrance.

aliveŽ Bio Hand Wash


Bactericidal liquid hand wash is 100% soap free and pH neutral which retains the skin's natural oils & preventing dryness.

aliveŽ Dish Wash Powder/Liquid

alive dish-wash

pH balanced bactericidal detergent formulated for hand and machine dish washing.

aliveŽ Floor Cleaner


A heavy duty cleaner and degreaser to remove oil, grease, dirt etc. with anti microbial properties.

aliveŽ Toilet Cleaner


A concentrated quick active bactericidal cleaner, declare & deodorant.

aliveŽ Pine Oil Cleaner


A natural bactericidal cleaner.

aliveŽ Glass Cleaner


An ammonia free liquid mirror and glass cleaner containing surfactants solvents, grease cutting amines and sequestrants. It has an alcohol base for fast drying superior cleaning with long lasting and outstanding over all anti-fog and anti misting properties. Heavy duty concentrated glass cleaner; gently strips away heavy residue and dirt from glass.

aliveŽ Machine Dish Washing Liquid


A concentrated formulation which contains active caustic for effective saponification of fats and food debris and an effective sequestant up to 300 PPM of Calcium (CaCO3) hardness to efficiently work in all hard water areas. Water softener and distainer. Machine dish wash liquid offers. Sufficient water softening properties to sequester.

Packing Details – 200gm to 25kg