Alive Products Category-wise Listing

Laundry Care Products

Product Name Description
alive Nano, Premium Detergent Supreme Detergent powder with color safe bleach formula, activates even at low temperature. One shot premium detergent + triple active blend ofOxy + Enzyme + Polymer. It is well balanced with alkaline builders and antibacterial additives
alive Premium PerfectWash (White) Specially formulated for white cloths. Maintains the brightness with the international ISO Brightness R457-90 level. No need of adding extra chlorine bleach. It is the blend ofDet + Boost + 02 + Enzymes + Polymer + Tri chlore+Antibacterial Agents
alive Detergent (Liquid Excell) Powerful to act on heavier solid stains.
alive Bio Emulsifier 300S Additive for effective removal of fats, soils and greases from all types of fabrics. It improves the wetting property.
alive Bio Moul Emulsifier 90S Cost effective emulsifier
alive Stain Remover (Scour S.R.) Anionic. Effective as spot and as stain remover by wet treatment on all type of fabrics.
alive Blue Liquid/Powder A concentrate to be diluted to get best results than any standard bluing agent. This has an industrial application too.
alive Kodi Colour Powder/Liquid Provide fresh kodi colour. Specially prepared for set sarees, Kodimundu etc..
alive Bio Tri chlor 99% strong powerful bleach.
alive Bio Bright Oxy 400 Strong colour safe bleaching agent for use on all cottons, Polyesters and blends there of which provide clean and bright look to the fabric.
alive Anti Scale Removes the alkaline scales formed in the inner sides of the washing machine.
alive Colour Guard A concentrated colour protection agent for all types of clothes.
alive Bio Silk Shampoo Specially formulated for washing silk sarees.

House Keeping Products

Product Name Description
alive Bio Hand Wash(Perfumed / Non Perfumed) Bactericidal liquid hand wash is 100% soap free and pH neutral which retains the skins natural oils & preventing dryness.
alive Dish Wash pH balanced Bactericidal detergent formulated for hand and machine dish washing.
alive Floor Cleaner A heavy duty cleaner and degreaser to remove oil,grease,dirt etc.
alive Toilet Cleaner A concentrated quick active Bactericidal cleaner,descaler & deodorant.

aliveŽ Optical Whiteners(For Paper,Textiles and Detergents

Product Name Description
alive Teenopal(Powder) A bluish shade optical whitener(Paper White).
alive Optical Whitener H.I. Rose(Powder) It Has Reddish;Rose + Violet tint,with excellent whiteness.It can be used along with other whiteners in finishing of cotton,mixed blend of cotton Hosiery.
alive Optical Whitener S(Powder) It has bluish Violet tint with excellent whiteness.Can be used in final finishing of Terry Cotton Suiting,Pure silk and Nylon cloths.It can also be used for house hold purpose.
alive Liquid Optical White It can be used toobtain solid whitrs for longer period.Imparts special white ie,CFL light white.
alive CBX Optical Bright Highly concentrated & costly brightner for all clothes.

Fabric Softener, Conditioner & Garment Finishing Products

Product Name Description
alive DowsalH.S7 High performance clear viscous amino silicon micro emulsion 70% having maximum softness for cotton, Polyester and their blends, durable, good crease resistance, better wrinkle recovery and lubricity. Non yellowing characteristics, suitable for white fabrics and garments, compatible with cationic softener.
alive Bio Soft Plus (Antibacterial) Cationic non yellowing softener. Towels, Baby Nappies and linen comes out soft, fluffy and fragrant. Best results on white fabrics.
alive Nano soft Paste Foam Cationic non yellowing and antibacterial softener.
alive Hydrophilic Soft (Antibacterial) Non ionic- Non Yellowing softener especially for terry towels.
alive Bio Soft Finish 100 (Antibacterial) Cationic + nonionic + Silicon blended viscous softener giving extreme fluffy feel. Ionic nature slightly cationic. White coloured softener with 25% total solid content. Non perfumed. Application only for the industrial purposes.
alive Max 811 Economy Cationic softener blended with 3% concentrated silicon. Appearance in thick paste form.
alive M32 Premium Premium hydrophilic silicon softener for silky handle; shear stable with good pH tolerance.
alive Touch Soft Enzyme Premium bio polish Enzyme.
alive HT.lOO High Performance high temperature liquid desizing Enzyme.
alive Lubricant SuperLub Economical grade dye bath lubricant.
alive Dye Fixing Agent- Double fix XL High performance formaldehyde or non formaldehyde fixing agent.


Product Name Description
alive Liquid Stiffener Easily soluble in cold water. It can be used for stiffening Cotton, silk, polyester Polyester etc..with out any white patches on dark coloured clothes.
alive Instant Starch Easy to use as it dissolves instantly in cold water.
alive Hot Starch Application in Hot water gives extra stiffness for both coloured and white cloths.
alive Hot Starch Application in Hot water gives extra stiffness for both coloured and white cloths.
alive Khadi Whitener Starch Application in hot water. For white fabrics, extra stiffness along with brightening and whitening effect simultaneously.

Other Products

Product Name Description
alive Automotive Wash-Deepol Cost effective washing liquid soap.
alive Car Shampoo Applicable for interior and exterior washing.
alive Water Proofing Compound stops leaks & cracks on concrete.Application in Terraces,Interior & Exterior Plastering.
alive Latex Adhesive Booster Improves Peel Strength of Adhesive.
alive Tread Marking Ink