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Surya Research & Industries is an ISO certified company guided by, its pursuit for technology, focus on customer care and a dynamic culture. The commitment to environment, customer satisfaction and total quality is embedded in its policy. The work force, has a passion for excellence, is open to new ideas and committed to quality results. We are one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of specialty chemicals in Kerala catering to the various needs of the consumers. We are marketing our products under the brand name 'alive'.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been our priority and creating happy customers makes our day. The ability to relate to the customer, focus on innovation to cater to their long term and short term needs has created a valuable resource pool, helping us to deliver that extra value to the customers making our business unit Customer Satisfaction personified.

Quality Assurance

Quality for us is the way of life we follows. The principles of Total Quality Management in all our activities ensure that only the best gets delivered to the customers at an affordable price. All products are formulated by well qualified professionals with ample experience in the industry and the technological support from abroad. Our products are a result of continuous research and development making it a better one each time you buy it. Our products are of International quality and are very economical.

We design products of superior quality for the Textile, Coir, Housekeeping, Rubber, Paper, Consumer and Construction industries.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop and leverage new core knowledge and competence and to be a leader in our chosen Product areas while maintaining the highest levels of business ethics and professionalism. We are always committed to the protection of environment and ecology, in strict compliance with regulatory requirements at all times.

Surya Research & Industries core philosophy of making you more competitive? is the principle that has always defined in and that guides our emergence as a world enterprise, dedicated to the betterment of everyone around us. We are also committed to protection of environment and ecology in strict compliance with regulatory requirement at all times.

How We Work

We work with purpose. When there's a goal, we reach it. When there's a problem, we solve it We strive to do what's fair, what's honest. We take action together in teams. Teams made stronger by diverse perspectives. We find inspiration and energy in what we do it. In growing, learning and celebrating together. In making a difference and serving the greater good.

Consultancy Support

Proper washing methods, Stain Removing programmes are demonstrated in the presence of laundry supervisor and the purchase executive for attaining good result from washing and garment finishing. We have the complete solutions in the planning, Plant layout, operations and quality maintenance for laundries and other commercial enterprises. Our experience in this industry extends over two decades which helps us to give you the best solutions for your laundering questions which has to do with poor cleaning results, Poor soil and stain removal, residues of lint and scum, and fabric damage.

We love to help our customers, treat and prevent all these problems, making their life a lot easier!!